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Home garden, new home - what to do?

I am moving into my first house this spring. I live in eastern ontario, so, the summers are hot and the winters are very cold - people here don't normally put flowers outside until the middle-end of May.What should I do with my new available garden space??I would like to plant flowers and vegetables.I have planted vegetables on my balcony before, in pots. But never in a real garden.Where do I even start?


In our first summer in our new home, I did one last season of container gardening. I did this because although I knew which direction our house/areas of the yard faced, I wanted to get a better idea of how the sun would fall across the property over the course of the summer. If you do not have trees fences and other obstructions, you shoud be all set to start graphing a rough chart of your proposed planting areas. You can rent a soil tiller from some hardware/garden/home centers, and you can also test your soil at home with a kit to see how your conditions are. :)
First of all , congratulations for new home.you want to create a new garden at home . you planned a place in home for garden where sun light comes in the day .Other facilities also available like water .Good Luck!
I live in Zone 4 and understand the problem of a Spring start (you are probably in Zone 3). My first year at the new home, I started plants indoors to be transplanted when it won't be another freeze; this was for vegetables and flowers (unless plan to buy pre-started). Get a soil kit to understand current soil conditions. May need to add top soil or fertilized soil into upper 3 of garden area. Spring time, I drafted my entire yard on graph paper using each square as 1'. I signed up for Gurney's catalog (can do this through web site) so I can pick out perennials that would suit me according to zone, color, time/length of blooms, height, sun/partial/shade, soil, etc.. Each winter I order more to add to redo in any part of yard including a fountain. With the one time exact measurement on my graph paper, I was able to determine how many trees in the back yard and measurement for fencing, etc.. (The graph paper is also used for each floor of the home to determine sq ft for paint, flooring, curtains, rearranging furniture.)

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