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How about a yellow electric iron?

Excuse me, teachers, what kind of electric irons do you usually use for maintenance? Can you have something durable? I don't know how to wear out a year. What kind of things have been used?. Do you recommend something for me? Thank you


Yellow flower electric irons are of good quality and are more durable, imported, such as Japan's largest market, or the United States and Germany are very durable
I used the "new" iron core, personal feeling than "Huanghua" durable
These years has been using yellow flowers, I am optimistic about the yellow iron, bought before the day of electric heating tin soldering iron is not so good, suction head is particularly bad, a year for three or four head, so no longer. In 1999, bought a 50W yellow flower iron used, is still in use, professional maintenance, use every day, now used for 3 original soldering iron head, 2 original yellow flower iron core, feeling very good, very worth. During the use of these years, in the iron 220V power before the thermostat used, and this is also a kind of life extension of the mystery of iron bar. Remember, once, the damage to the user's home is the iron core TV repair, the user may be too high voltage home, the iron head burned red, and soon used to be broken. Practice has proved that it is really long enough. I feel good。

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