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How and what should I hunt with a bb gun?

Ok it's hunting season in England at the moment and I was thinking about hunting with my bb guns and my friendsWe need to know how to hunt and what should we hunt.


you should hunt squirrels and rabbitsyou could also probably hunt birds but idk about the laws in england about bird huntingif you find a fox you should shoot it because they're just pests and harm domestic animalsthey're illegal to kill in south carolina but i still kill them anywayon how to hunt you should wear jeans and a long sleeved shirt to protect against ticks and thornsyou'll be in a partially wooded area right? so find a comfortable place to sit for about an hour and waitif you have a salt block it would be a good idea to set it out where you can clearly see it but any animal that approaches it cant see youif you dont feel like sitting around walk quietly in the area and take slow footsteps to avoid startling any animalsif you see an animal you want to kill pretend to not notice it and keep walkingit will go about its business and you will be able to take a few more steps toward itthen you can shoot itabout the bb gunidk what kind of gun u got but mine is a winchester 1029 air rifle that has pellet speed of 1000 feet per secondthats fast enough to penetrate a deer skull and is therefore very dangerousalways have the safety on and always point your gun to the groundwhen u see an animal, take the safety off, point, shoot, and turn the safety back on.

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