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How and where to choose area rug for living room.?

Well ,I am staying in san jose.I wanted to buy a 5'x 8' rug for my living room.My budget is $130 -$180.I'm looking for easy maintainance,good looking,easy cleaning.Also,when i sit on rug,the rug should not go down for 1 inch- 2inch1.could u suggest where to buy in bay area.Can i buy JC Penny.?2.Also,what type of material should i buy?3.What are all the factors should i think in mind before buying it?Thanks


you okorder.com. you get and idea os styles out there. pls keep in mind any photo will not give any idea what the rug will actually look like on your floor. Many rugs have a cat surface such that they have a different shade looking from the two ends. So look for that if the rug has it or not. The two shades can be dramatically different. This is especially true for hand-knotted rugs, which you are not buying now but maybe in future. IKEA and JCPenney would be good. Discount flooring stores may have a bigger selection. Macy's and furniture stores nylon is the best for easy maintenance. Look for the size and the lenght of the fibers - when you bend a corner down towards the underside, the rolled edge should have a fairly thick set of fibers sticking out - if not the rug will not hold up under traffic. You can learn more about rugs on these website. A decent nylon rug with a spot-hiding pattern usually will last for as long as your upholstered furniture.
Aug 23, 2017
Most rugs are pretty low maintenence - just vaccuum.
Aug 23, 2017
The Lichen...in case you pick the rug to accessory the room - in spite of if darkish colours do teach each and every little bit of lint! in case you're searching for a monochomatic scheme decide for the Beige...purely make particular the pillows, lamps, wall decorations are colourful!
Aug 23, 2017

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