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How big is a 8 x 12 rug?

How big is a 8 x 12 rug?No rude answers please If your not going to help me thank you! :)


Rugs, like lumber are dimensional. They can run in sizes from 7 foot 6 inches to 8foot on one side to 11 ft 6 inches on the long side. They are not always a true 8 foot by 12 foot. Each company will have different sizes but can say it 8x12. You ll have to pick a rug and measure to be sure. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Aug 23, 2017
8 feet by 12 feet. 144 inches by 96inches
Aug 23, 2017
8 foot by 12 foot or 10-2/3 sq. yds. 96 sq. ft. can you clarify what you need the measurement for?
Aug 23, 2017
12 feet one way and 8 feet the other.
Aug 23, 2017

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