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How can I get the slide drawer?

How can I get the slide drawer?


Pull out the drawer outwards. When the drawer comes out about 4/5, hold it up and take it down.
What you said is not the three rail or two track rail?? you say I don't understand. It is all not the same name?? three section of the track is good for demolition, pull out the drawers. Pull the top. This will be able to see the track has a black strip, caught in the middle track, pull, and see if you can pull, then put the small black hand pressed down. Right down to the left up. Like this. Hold your drawer, then pull, pull out is not the kind of track is not what you say now. Is this kind of track.
Then you can remove the fixed screws on the slide rail. Installation is easy to handle the slide, the key is drawer installation, first press the wrench, and then loaded back on the slide.
After the drawer is opened, the slide rail fixed on the drawer is provided with a wrench (both sides have), and the drawer is pulled out by both hands, and the drawer can be removed.

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