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How can I 'polish' or 'sand' a glass tube in order to increase its inner diameter?

I have two glass tubes; one male, and one femaleMy problem is that the female end has an inner diameter that is very slightly too small, or that the male end has an outer diameter that is slightly too wideI have to work on these two components because I already spent the money on themso what to I use to sand 'em down? I need something with which to grind down the glass of either piece by just a half of a millimeter or so.Since they're tubes, it would be easier to reduce the diameter of the outside of the male end, but there is less glass to work withThe thicker female component would be preferable, but then there's the issue of managing to grind the inner surface of a tubeThe diameter in question is just a tad over a half an inch, and the length needed is about an inch and a half.


There is the braided stitchIt's thickerGoogle it, I'm on an iphonelol
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HmmmMy FIRST question is - why grind? Can you heat the female end making it soft the push it over some expanding mandrel? Or do you need to maintain the OD of the female end as well? If you are grinding - Well, you abrasive needs to be harder than the glassAluminum Oxide is a good choice(The gray or blue rock)Not garnet (the orangey rock)Lapping compound will be safer, but slowerAt the end of the day, you are going to choose to spin the female or spin the abrasiveSo you need to be confident the centerlines are maintained and you don't introduce runout by grinding more on one side than the otherSpinning the female tube is the answer to help thatIf you can't chuck the female up in something to spin it, you will need to spin the abrasiveAnd you will need something to maintain your centersYou COULD bevel the end of the male a bit and lap them togetherBut you would lose OD on the male end.
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