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How did a thief get into my car without setting off the alarm?

Last night someone got into my 1999 Audi A4 and went through it looking for things to steal. The car is locked and the alarm set every time I leave it. This morning two doors were open but closed just enough to keep the interior lights off. All four door locks were in the unlocked position. No alarm went off during the night. I do not see any damage to the doors or window areas, but the driver seat is damaged. Any ideas?


check the owners manual on that. Usually going to your local auto parts store will have the equivalent. Or go to the dealer and you should be able to the buy the bottles
All you have to do is get a really long and skinny metal rod or coat hanger and a screw driver. Take the screw driver and wedge open the driver side or pass side window and stick the rod in between and touch the unlock button. And BAM! You can pretty much do it to any car if the unlock button is an easy access. It's also extra easy on cars like the neon that don't have that top part of the door frame. Like where the corner is on most cars it's metal to metal but the neon is glass to the rubber weather strip. But try tinting the windows so people don't know what's inside. And if I was breaking into a car and an alarm went off I'd stop.
Hard to say for sure without actually seeing the car, but common ways to disable a car alarm are to disconnect the battery or pull the fuse. Disconnecting the battery could be done by cutting the ground wire, or by 'fishing' the connector off the battery itself. Usually you'll notice that in the morning since your car won't have any power to the lights and such. More likely, they knew the exact fuse to pull, jimmied the door, and had the fuse out in 5 or maybe 10 seconds. That short of an alarm at 3AM is likely to be overlooked as someone drunk getting home and using the remote to shut off the car alarm they forgot was on. Usually fuses are located under the dash near the drivers seat, so that account for the damage.

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