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how do i Access denied files after creation of new user profile?

im trying to acces files that was on my old user account but its keeps saying access is denied


I would say all of the above. Clean everything out, try again and if it still smells you should get someone over to fix it.
Here's a rough guide: Steam: Iron and steel for the frames and superstructure. Wrought iron or steel plate for the frames, and high-grade steel for the boiler. Copper and brass for the pipes, fittings, etc. Diesel, electric: Steel for the frames and bogies, pressed steel or possibly aluminium for the outer body shell, fine grade steel for the mechanisms, copper for the electric wiring Railways revolutionised transport and transformed society, making journeys over long distances much shorter and opening up markets for goods in ways that could never have been possible in the age of horse transport. Locomotives were the engines that powered this transformation. Pollution. Steam locomotives generate smoke and combustion gases, and in the early years of railways many people protested against this. Similarly, a diesel train generates exhaust fumes. However with the advent of road transport many people have realised that trains, forwarding a given number of passengers or load of goods, generate less pollution than road transport. Effect on the landscape. Once the railway had been established, the landscape would never be the same again. Massive earthworks, tunnels and bridges transformed the look of the countryside and towns and cities alike. Coal mines and foundries sprang up everywhere to feed the insatiable appetite of the railways for fuel and materials. That's why it was called, 'The Industrial Revolution'.

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