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How do I bike along the open road?

Hey.I'm rather bored so thought I could bike into town to give me something to do :P However, I'm not sure about biking on the open road (Highway 45, that is). I'm scared I'll muck up traffic or something. Does anyone have any tips for biking safely along the intimidating main road? I'm 15 but not currently a driver, you should know.Thanks :P


Such a general question like this is extremely difficult ( if not impossible) to answer - unless you hit the jackpot and someone who knows this product happens to stumble on this question by chance. An answer would probably be much easier if you included in your question exactly what you use this product for. 'The resin must come in some type of container - there must be a manufacturer's name and contact address on the container. I think that in nearly every country this is a legal requirement. If you have obtained this from a shop- he has probably repacked it from a larger packing unit. But he should have an obligation to provide you with at least a safety data sheet which will include details of the manufacturer. But remember, most commercial companies are unable to provide small quantities for home hobby use. So you would have to continue to get your supplies from the shop. Or is your requirement of such size that a manufacturer will be able to supply you. If you gave the intended end use somebody might be able to come up with a similar product. The C6000 probably has something to do with the molar mass of the resin.
school reagents r very diluted (like 0,5 or even less) so u dont worry ,nothin gunna happen 2 u
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