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How do I bleach my rug?

Ok, i have a white area rug that has a few stains, nothing major.. I want to bleach it to not only get the stains out but i also love the smell of bleach, i bleach my blankets and my sheets every week. Im not really worried about ruining my rug, cause its not like its going to get any better. I know that you need to delute the bleach i just dont know how much to delute or how to go about cleaning the rug. Should i just poor it on or use gloves with a sponge and soak the areas?? Please help :) thanks!


Take the rug outside to your driveway. Clean a spot on your driveway (soap and water, brush and rinse). Place the rug on that spot. Dilute bleach 10:1. Use scrub brush with a handle. Scrub. Rinse with hose. Hang to dry.
Aug 23, 2017

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