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how do I bridge my ethernet connection?

I have an HP pavilion DV9000 laptop and I want to hook my xbox to the internet but I don't have wireless on the xbox nor have an ethernet cord that I can hook up to itI want to use this laptop, hook up to wireless on it, and bridge my laptops ethernet port to the xbox 360 to get internetCan someone help me out?


First you find the 2 sided ethernet cord and plug one end into your computer, and plug the other into your xboxMake sure both machines are onThen open your network and sharing center on your computer, which you can find either by right clicking on the wireless icon on the bottom right corner of your screen and clicking open network and sharing center, or you can go the long way through the control panelThere should be two networks listedHighlight both of them, right click, and select bridge connectionGood luck!

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