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How do I clean dried Baby Powder and Soda off my area rug?

I spilled Coca-cola on my area rug. The rug is relatively inexpensive and I've never spilled liquid on it. I decided it would be a brilliant idea to sop up as much liquid as I could with a towel and paper towels and then pour baking soda all over it, which I then proceeded to rub in. (I know, idiotic). The stain is now hard and crusty and I cant seem to vacuum it out. Any advice?


Not all is lost. Break up the crusties as much as possible and vacuum, probably just use the hose, not the various heads. Keep doing this until you'd removed as much as possible. If you have a clothes brush, use that to help as you vacuum. When you've done as much as you can, time to switch methods: first put a towel, shower curtain or whatever under your throw rug as you don't want to ruin the floor under neath.......if vinyl.......relax. Anyway. Make a solution of OxyClean.....I'd say a scoop to a quart of warm water.....mix well and then apply it to the stain.........if your carpet doesn't have latex on the back and you can move it to the tub.....pour the Oxyclean over the stain. Otherwise pour a bit on.......1/4 cup or so, rub with your fingers and immediately begin blotting it out with a clean towel......white or light colored just in case you get a color run from the towel. Repeat applying and blotting it up. That should do it. I doubt you'll need the whole quart. OH yes, finish with a clear water rinse and plenty of blotting. Check the towel or whatever underneath and replace it if wet. Let the rug air dry. No hair dryers as heat will set stains. Of course we hope like anything the OxyClean doesn't remove the color from your rug.....if you have bright colors.....use a weaker solution. OxyClean ihydrogenen peroxide which will bleach colors if in a very concentrated formula which it in the in the original mixture I mentioned.
Aug 23, 2017

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