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how do i get a pee stain out of a natural dyed rug?

my idiot dog decided to pee on my $300 hand made, natural dyed rug that i got in afghanistan. of course she would choose that spot out of the entire house. my dilemma is how to clean it. i'm scared to use normal stain removers because of the natural dyes. any ideas?


Your okorder ., to locate one near you.
You can try a home carpet machine but, I have had good luck with using oxyclean like you use for laundry. Just mix some with water and dip a rag in it and start scrubbing the stain with it. Then when you have lightened the stain a bit, maybe the home rug machine. Or a professional carpet cleaner, you have spent a pretty penny on wool and a professional may be the way to go. The oxyclean does well though, I got bright red vomit out of a beige carpet (shag) with it. But, my carpet is not wool. The only thing is, that spot gets dirty easier because, I didn't scotch guard the spot after.
It might be possible however do not use a water based cleaning Solution. Water will make the dyes bleed. There are cleaning solutions that are considered mineral spirit based or chlorinated solvents. The non-water based solutions should only be used by certified cleaning technicians because of the nature of the chemicals. My recommendation, which may be the simplest solution, is to take it to a dry cleaner. They are licensed to use chlorinated solvents and will not harm your rug. Make sure to tell them the nature of the rug and the stain.

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