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How do I get my cat to stop peeing on the rug?

I have 3 cats and my 4 year old Maine coon named Harlee keeps peeing on my rug in my dining room. She has always used the litter box until recently. I always keep the litter box clean so I dont know why she is peeing on the rug now... how do i get her to stop and how do I get rid of that smell???


Your cat keeps peeing on the rug because the smell of the urine is enticing her want to pee on it (I think that's the right way to put it. :) Well, she just pees on it because the smell is making her want to). First, you should buy an animal deodorizer and that will get rid of the smell. Then your cat will not feel like peeing on it when her scent is gone. If the rug isn't too big, I would suggest replacing it. Buy a good quality cat litter and that should help. I don't think she has an infection or anything because she wouldn't be peeing on anything then. Right? Another entirely different problem, would be that she is too stressed out. Or it might even be a mixture of both problems!Try taking her to the vet so they can see what's wrong. I hope that helps! Good luck!
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After Harlee started in the one spot, the smell will cause her to keep going in that spot. (I've tried home remedies, but this was much more effective and easy.) There are carpet cleaning formulas with enzymes available at either pet stores or Walmart (in the cleaning section). This is just poured into the rug and left wet to air dry. It will take care of the smell and the cat will not return to that spot. As for Harlee, she may have smelled something offensive to her little nose and had a fit, but she may also have a medical issue. I might be worth a vet visit to have her checked out.

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