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How do I get my scarf back to its original condition?

I have knitted a scarf for a friend and ironed it since the sides always curl in, but now the ends are stretched and the wool fibre flattenedHow do I get it back to its original condition, curling in sides and all?I have put it through a warm wool wash but dried it in front of the heater which hasn't helped.


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It isn't, despite the fact that three people have explained why it is!! The figures below show how much energy (I.E Ionisation Energy) is required to remove the 1st, 2nd and 3rd electronYou can see for yourself that the energy requirement is greater, therefore loss more difficult, each time 1st I.E 577 kJ mol-1 2nd I.E 1820 kJ mol-1 3rd I.E 2740 kJ mol-1
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You need to wash it again, but this time put it flat on a towel to dryYou can shape the side to keep them straight and once it dries it should retain the shape.

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