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how do i remove super glue from plastics?

I mistakingly gumed two plastics together. How do I remove the super glue?


with great care
A solvent-nail polsish contains acetone which is what you need.
Nail polish remover and lots of patience.
I tried nail polish remover and think it softened it to the point to where I was able to pick it off a little bit at a time. Until I did this, my lenses didn't fall out of the frame any more. Now I needed to change the prescription and was lucky to finally remove them so I can have the new lenses installed. I didn't have access to Goof-Off after I left the Good old USA so I tried the polish remover. 1- It didn't work fast and I used a toothpick to apply it. 2- I couldn't say if it softened it or just broke the adhesive bond. 3- I used the small triangular pointed ex-acto blade (with handle) and was very careful and used small needle nose pliers to pull rather than scrape the glue off. Good Luck ! ! !
It really depends on the TYPE of plastic (Styrene, ABS, Vinyl, etc), and what the texture is... Acetone will dissolve super-glue, but will also dissolve or mar plastics like vinyl. TEST the acetone on a scrap of plastic first. You could also use gentle sanding with very fine grit paper (Emory boards are great), and then using plastic polish to bring back the shine if needed. I use this often on my models.

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