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how do I repair hollow spots under my engineered hardwood floor?

my flooring is hollow underneath in some areas, how can I have this taken care of?


Call the installer back. Poor job
Well the dangerous thing about engineered hardwood floor is that the conclude layer is particularly skinny veneer, if it is veneer. So of these floor merchandise have a vinyl surface of varieties similar to contact paper and just as skinny. That you would be able to aesthetically restore the skin making use of a wipe stain system you can not real restore the scratch but that you may make it mixture in and with a few coats of water founded polyurethane applied with a q tip and then right away wiped so that you just do not need a build up that you would be able to seal the repair. Watch out while you do that so as to no longer soak the subject this will reason it to swell and elevate the skin.
If your positive that it hollow between the wood and the sub floor you can either go from below carefully drill holes in the sub floor but not through the engineered wood. Fill with construction adhesive and plug the hole up . Have something already to seal it from flowing back out of the hole. The other way , if you absoluetly cannot get to it from below is use a hole saw and save the plug and do it from above. This is a last resort way to do it since you will see the plug that you use from the hole saw. If you suspect its a small hollow spot there are needles you can inject some hardening agents. But a small hole must be used and you ll have to fill and stain it if you work from the top. These can be seen some times. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar... GL

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