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How do i stop being bored all the time? plz help?

ok i live with my mom and dad and my two brothers and my bros are always with there girlfriends my mom either works or goes to the gym im stuck with my dad but my dad doesnt do much he either sleeps or cleans mostly sleeps what can i do? my friends do not live close by what can i do? plz help best answer will get 10pts from yours truley


How much depends on how big the fly isJust put a dab on your thumb and forefinger then rub them together lightly until the gink liquifiesRub this into the fly and wipe the excess off of your fingersThe fly should be fairly well saturated but not dripping wet.
Firstly, try doing things that your dad wants to do as a guy like play sportsIf, you're not that much into that than try asking your dad if you can go to your friends house after school and sleepover until the next day at school, where you're dad can pick you up normally.Try it, it just might work

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