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How do I stop my cat from scratching the rugs...?

My cat scratches the rugs in my house to the extent that rug nap is scattered all over every morning. We have both vertical and horizontal scratching posts in which he displays no interest. I tried a product called quot;No Scratchquot; which doesn't work either. What else can I do?


I understand completely! My cat seems to hate using scratching posts and much prefers to scratch the carpets. Although telling your cat off may help gradually. They do not learn like dogs and wont understand as well. I would recommend using a water spray or a citrus smelling product! As you probably know cats HATE being sprayed or splashed with water. So if you see your cat scratching the rug, just gently spray him. Keep the water nearby and after a few times he will learn!! Scratching=water! Or you could use a citrus (orange or lemon) smelling product. Citrus is very strong for cats and might not be obvious to humans so you wouldn't need to worry any smell. Try rubbing an orange flavored car freshener over the rug and that will prevent him scratching the rug, again they hate orange scented things. I hope these help and your cat stops scratching the rugs! :)
Aug 23, 2017
Make sure every time he scratches the rug you tell him off. If he goes to scratch the rug, put a scratching post near him and give him a treat when he uses it. My cat hates using scratching posts and prefers to scratch a wooden plank we put down for him in the garden.
Aug 23, 2017
my cat usually scratches the couches and i tell her to get off, i put a rough ''welcome'' rug outside and whenever my cat wants to scratch she goes there, just get a really hard and rough rug, and put it on the rug that it scratches , worked for me, hope it works for you :)
Aug 23, 2017
get rid of the rugs
Aug 23, 2017

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