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How do I tell my mom I'm dropping out?

So my I've told my I want to drop out before, but she got pissed off, and at that time I had to have failed a grade to even be able to drop out (would've graduated this year right before I turned 17), and I failed last year, and I'm just pretty much like it at this point and I'm about to just drop out once I'm 18, how do I tell my mom this? Legally she can't do about it, but I still don't want to piss her off (she's extremely bipolar, and has REALLY bad anger issues)I'm already paying rent for a place with my buddy, so if I showed her I'm already providing that do you think that'd calm her down showing her I'm working and able to provide? Or should if worse comes to worse should I just not tell her about the place with my friend and just run away and live there until I'm 18?Hmm, decisions decisions.Oh yeah, and don't hit me with that quot;Don't do itquot; bullshit, already got a steady job, and once I'm 18 I'll be able to get an even better one.


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