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How do I turn my alarm off on my HTC touch diamond?

There is no button to disable or snooze the alarm and when i go into the settings, it is still not an option. HELP i dont know what to do!


foundation coating on the outside waterlock on the insideboth are types of paint
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Use a very good quality caulk like np1. Not the crap that hd sells Biggest and best advice is- Don't forget the primer that's the key.
If I were you on the out side of the wall I would paint liquid roof or another alike tar paint for about 4' on the ground then fix a plastic type molding bead say 1' x 1' to the concrete about 1/2' from the wall along the full length of the wall. Then I would paint 4's up the wall with the tar filling the little trench with tar. Unless the water is coming up through the concrete I can't see water penetrating it. Saying all this your floor level inside should be above your outside ground/floor level, this is the reason for the problem. For this project of yours to have worked you should of cut the concrete at the wall line less the wall thickness with lining both side then construction a gutter 2 brick deep and 1 brick wide finished taking any water away from your wall. Then you could of layed 3 brick against the cut concrete. The bottom plate would of been sitting on a brick 1 brick higher than your concrete floor level and protected with DPC, your floor level would be 2 brick higher than the outside gutter that leans away.

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