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How do I use a slim jim?

My purse is locked in the carI have a slim jim, but Im not sure how to use it, and I don't want to break anythingIt is a Dodge Stratus 4 door


The battery will be going flat
I grew up in a small town of under a 100 people. We knew everyone. They were either related, family of friends or friends of the family. I remember going for a bike ride up to the lake (swimming). It started raining on the way home and my bus driver at the time (family friend) offered to toss my bike in the back of his truck and give me a ride home. It was probably a 5 min car ride home. I remember getting rides to the city with people so my friend and I could watch a movie and spend the night at my aunts. My family never had any issues with it and neither did I. If I didn't know the person I would of never got in the car with them. I had a friend in high school that loved to pick up hitch hikers my friends and I wouldn't let her do it when we were in the car. We even lectured her a few times about it. I'm honestly surprised she is still alive and not stuck in someones basement somewhere. We had about 3 incidents that summer with people picking up hitch hikers and either getting killed or held at knife point. I live in a fairly big city. We have a lot of strange folk in my area. I would hope my kids have enough common sense to know not to do it. Plus in this day and age kids have cell phones (unlike when I grew up). If they are ever in a bind they can call me and I would come get them. If they didn't have the common sense I'd sit them down and explain why it is risky behavior. I would also explain that if they ever get in a situation like that again they can call me and I will get them. )
If its too close to a bathroom, steam can do that. Also dust build up can as well. Its now starting to get cold, was this the first or among the first time the heater came on? The baked dust kicked out of the furnace or wall heaters have set off many of my smoke alarms over the years.

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