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How do u land a kickflip on cement??

Hi. I can ollie, shovit, pop shovit, powerslide, but can't land a kickflip on cement. I can land on grass like every single time and for some reason, i can all ready varial flip sometimes on the grass too. I don't know y i can't land it on cement. Maybe it's because i always land with both feet in the middle of the board every time i do the kickflip on the grass, so please tell me how i can on the bolts. Also put how i can land it on cement PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THNX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


nicely try practising on the cement basically from now on so which you would be able to get used to the action of the cement. additionally basically commit. dissimilar that's ether worry or basically loss of dedication. Grass has no action in it so which you would be able to desire to get used to the rolling action of the cement for a whilst and then shop attempting the kickflip yet dont do it in grass that's going to easily destroy your skill to do it on the cement. you're able to do it interior the grass back once you land it as quickly as on the cement through fact the grass basically quite ruins your skills at touchdown it through fact attempt to be waiting to land with action and circulate. no longer basically touchdown and sticking there.
practice on cement from now on. kickflips are one of those tricks where you have to practice them ALOT and have to figure it out by yourself mostly. but if you practice them on the ground from now on you will eventually get it.

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