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How do you dertermine the best central air conditioner for my house?

There are so many businesses that install air conditioning, they all want to come to my house to determine the price rangeIs there any way to narrow down my selections?


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It is true they do need to come to your house to determine what type and size of unit you will needThey will measure the rooms, look at your window size, check your insulation, look at your crawlspace or attic, look at your electrical box, etcA proper company will do what is called a Manual J calculationThis will determine the tonnage of unit needed to heat and cool your homeDon't go with a company who doesn't do this! Get everything in writingCheck with the local BBB to see if there are any complaints on any of the companiesThe problem with HVAC companies is many pop up during the summer time and are gone by the next yearSo make sure you get a company who has been in business for a period of timeThey are least likely to leave you hanging in case of any problemsIf your city requires one, make sure to get a city inspectionSome companies don't relay this to the homeowner to save them time/money on inspection feesAnother good idea is to find a company with a maintenance programThis will allow them to come clean the unit either once or twice a yearOne with 24 hour service is also a plusDo research on central units to see what brands are bestTrane/American Standard are the same unit, as well as Bryant/CarrierThere are possibly 4-5 actual manufactureres out there so be careful of brandsPersonally I have seen the most problems with low-end builder type units such as Rheem and Rudd.

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