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How do you fasten a rug to the floor without tape and without damaging the underlying carpet?

I have a 5x7' area rug on my carpeted floor that moves an inch every time I walk across it. I want it to stay still, but I must be cautious cuz the whole point of the rug is to protect the carpet which I can't afford to replace. I've tried putting heaven stuff on top of the rug (ie. hamper, edge of dresser), but if I do, it still moves and bunches up on one side.


Tacking it down will pucker the rug and make a tripping hazard or you ll step on the nail heads and hurt your foot. They make a special , very thin mat especially for this . Sold almost any where carpet or rugs are sold. Put under the rug , and since they are tacky and leave no residue the rug stays in place and won t walk on you. Get the type for rugs over carpet since they make a couple of kinds. These will loose the tackiness after a few months since they ll attract dirt but you toss them in the washer or rinse out and they come right back to life. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar.. GL
Aug 23, 2017
attempt utilising a hair dryer on the tape to loosed the glue, then peel up the tape as you flow with the hair dryer, you may attempt utilising white vinegar mixed with warm water and a nicely wrung out fabric to do away with any residue from the glue and between the plastic putty knifes to gently scrape...if this dosne't paintings attempt spraying WD 40 on the cheesy factors, this would desire to be risk-free because of the fact the biggest element in WD40 is fish oil! study guidelines on the can till now utilising on the floor just to be risk-free...good success
Aug 23, 2017
Use some little nails. Hammer them in through both carpets and into the sub floor. The tiny nail will not damage carpet. You'll never know they are there.
Aug 23, 2017

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