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how do you fill 2006 chevy equinox transmission?

want to change transmission fluid but cant find where to fill it


BHPBrake Horse Power, i. e., the amount of horsepower at the drive wheel to ground, which will be less than the engine horsepower, because of loss due to clutch slippage, friction throughout the drive train, etc. CCCubic Centimeter, or engine size (metric version of CI, or Cu InCubic Inches), which is the volume of liquid the total of each cylinder can hold with piston at bottom dead center.
cc stands for cubic centimeters and is a way to measure the displacement of an engine, bhp stands for brake horsepower and is the power avaliable at the output shaft, before transmissions, gearboxes, etc are added.
cc is the size of the engine. and bhp is how much horse power the engine has at the crank shaft
Check your owners manual first. You can also check a Chevy Dealer. They will show you the location. Just tell them you want to check your transmission fluid level They can also show you where to add fluid. Most will do this for free. Also you can check with any Advance auto store. They have info to explain how to do this as well. Good luck!!

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