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How do you get coke a cola stains off a rug?

Coke spilled on a like colored rug. I try rug cleaner. Both the spray and liquid. It is still pretty dark. Any Suggestions?


As an IICRC cert. Carpet cleansing tech. there are some questions i could desire to have responded like how previous is the stain, what variety of of carpet do you have is you carpet secure with 3m products. alot of which will confirm if the stain will come out ordinary. yet i'll furnish you a great spot remover to apply and attempt it get a sprig bottle upload a million/2 rubbing alochol and .25 dishwasher gadget cleansing soap and something warm water, spray prompt rub with palms enable dry and vacuum up if that dont artwork there a trick observed as warmth flow yet this could set a stain in case you dont do it ideal. take a sprig bottle of ammonia a moist with rag and a iron, set the iron to extreme, spray the ammonia prompt place the moist rag in the spot then up the iron on suitable press confusing enable stay to tell the story for approximately 20 seconds left the rag and notice in the colour is arising on the rag. in case you do all this and you haven't any longer have been given any success call a IIcrc Cert employer to assist.
stop using chemicals.... they will most likely set the spot in(assuming that hasn't already happened). Carbon tetrachloride and peroxides are notorious for this. use a white rag that is damp with non-ammonia windex... rub in a circle and blot. if this doesn't work, leave it to a pro. extraction is key. you need to remove the soda, not add detergent.
Try club soda, there's no sugar in it. My husband worked for Coca Cola for 32 years and I have worked for Country Clubs and Club soda takes the stain out.
if it a cream or white rug fill your bath up half way with only hot water then once full pour in some thick bleach and leave the rung in the with the water and bleach for about half an hour no longer or you will lose the colouring in the rug but half and hour should be fine and the stain will come right out then just rinse it out and hang on your line to dry i use bleach for alsorts and its always worked for me especially on my 8 month old daughters bibs hope i helped x
Hi, Nail polish remover, Paint Thinner, Alcohol, even White Petrol are some of the substances you may use to remove the stain. Advise : Do not scrub the spill , but remove it by dabbing the spill in a circular motion using a clean white cloth. Caution : The colors of the rug may bleed if the wool is cheaply dyed. Try it on a small portion before trying on the spill Disclaimer : You should probably hire a professional to get your rug cleaned, but if you want to DIY then do so at your OWN risk only. I am not responsible for any losses

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