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How do you get dust out of a rug?

We have this rug that's been washed over and over again and it still has SO much dust in it! I can't find where to find a rug beater and I really don't know how to get the dust out...can you help me??


Washing rugs can trap the dust into the fibers. What you need to do is find a way to release the dust. There are several types of rug chemical cleaners that can do that, which you can find at Home Depot. You should also hang your rug outside and whack it several times with a stick to remove any dust trapped in the pad, but make sure to stand so you don't end up covered with dust.Then get a vacuum with a strong suction capability and run it over it several times.
Aug 23, 2017
it might be time to get a new rug but if your really attached to that rug have you tried taking to a cleaner and having them run it through the dryer there. The bigger barrel might give it the space it needs to dislodge the dust. I would not wash it again then your just wetting down the dust again. the good old fashion way of broom in hand might work to. if you've got a kid or grand kid with lots of energy let him or her beat on it awhile. good luck
Aug 23, 2017
Use a vacuum cleaner with real good suction, then take it out and hang it over something and beat it with force, then sweep it again to get the remaining dust out. You don't need a rug beater. I used to use a boat paddle. Anything you may have handy will work. Good luck.
Aug 23, 2017
Hang it on the clothes line and beat it with a stick. You'll be amazed at how much dust comes out.
Aug 23, 2017

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