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How do you make the time pass?

I swear I feel like I've been pregnant my entire life! I'm really excited about my son and I can't wait to see him/hug him/raise him but I am SICK of being pregnant! Sick of it! Argggghhhhh! I can't sleep or get comfortable, I'm constantly tired! I've decorated the nursery, bought tons of baby clothes, washed and prepared my cloth diapers, started the baby book etcIt's like the time is just dragging!Any advice? Someone please tell me the time will start flying by pretty soon hereI'm at 29 weeks today.


here's some things that you would be able to do while staying cozy in the house-wirte letters to your new babytell it things about you know, how you hope it will be-rent movies and have a movie marathonpop some popcorn and grab the remote -call an old friend and talk about anything and everythin-surf the netread up on all the baby things you should know -read all the books and magazines you've bought, but never had the time to read-organize a spot in your home that is sort of messy -take a nap -pack the bags for the hospital -come up with as many names as you can think of for the baby -write down all the adjectives you think will describe your baby -use the internet and shop around for the best deal for formula, diapers, bottlesany thing that might cost you money in the future good luck, and don't worry time will fly soon! )

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