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How do you operate a 1959-T120-Triumph Bonneville or a Vincent HRD Black Shadow?

I want to know how to change gears start the engine brake, everything on operating these motorcycles. thanks


to start,put it in neutral slowly kick it through until you feel it come up on the compression stroke. push down the tickler on top of each carburetor until you smell gas or feel it on your finger then let it up. turn the ignition on--put your right hand on the throttle open it up about 1/4 at the same time as you kick the start lever through as hard as you can--- if it doesn't start, do it again with out pushing down the carb ticklers, repeat until it starts. the left grip lever is the clutch. the right grip lever is the front brake. the rear brake is in front of the LEFT foot peg. the gear shift lever is in front of the RIGHT foot peg. the shift pattern is lift up for first gear push down for the next 3.(1 up 3 down) neutral is between 1st 2nd.
The only Real difference I can remember is that British bikes shifted on the right and kickstarted. The rest is just adjusting to older tech. Practice on something replaceable, like a new Ninja or Hayagusa.
You stomp till you' re silly on the kick starter and pull in the clutch and drop down into first. Accelerate and clutch- shift into second.etc. If its night time you turn on the head light. You have an HRD Vincent and are asking these questions? Right pappy, I forgot. I had a Velocette MSS 500 and priming (tickling in proper british ) was all important. No tickle - no go.

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