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How do you re-build a hot tub cover?

My hot tub cover was destroyed by a storm and I don't have the 380.00 bucks to replace it. How would I go about building one?


I'm sure the stuff cashiers are putting in the bags is just as dirty as the bags could be. Money is filthy, meat packages drip and are covered with bacteria, bugs, mice and rats crawl around in warehouses, stores, back room, trucks, etc. Touching somebody's bag isn't going to be any worse. I worry about touching stuff all the time, am a compulsive hand-washer and wipe user, but I would still put stuff in someone's bag. I worked as a cashier for years and just washed my hands as soon as I got away from the register.
When I worked as a cashier if the customer insisted I put the groceries in their bag I would but if it was dirty I simply told them they had to bag it themselves. Now if they were elderly or handicapped I did it automatically for them regardless of how their bag looked. I just kept really good hand sanitizer with me and washed my hands as often as I could.
Where I live the stores sell their own bags and the customer gets a discount for using them. for the elderly people on a limited income it helps a lot. I understand you concerns about germs and such, but the butchers and clerks are very careful to safely handle the inventory. The world is a dirty place fortunately we have our own defenses to most all the bacteriological invasions. My family just remonded me that the store clerks all have wipes at their registers and they are at the cart hold for the customers as well. That helps
Put smoke detectors anywhere a fire could result, and anywhere you want to hear them. Smoke detectors can be hard-wired to the house therefore avoiding the need to rely on batteries. Carbon monoxide detectors are recommended, but they should be put in areas like where you sleep. Anywhere you might be for a long period of time is your biggest concern. Carbon monoxide is a sient killer.
I totally agree, the cashiers health needs to be taken into consideration as well, especially with all the Occupational Health Safety laws present. I think to help with this issue, maybe those working on the check outs need to wear gloves. Some consumers are very environmentally aware and this is why 9 out of 10 times they will bring in their own non-plastic bags. There is a supermarket opening up here soon 'Aldi's' and people are required to pack the shopping themsleves in their own bags, those who dont bring own bags have to pay for plastic bags. Though there are a few differing reasons, OHS needs to be accounted for, for all concerned, both the employee and clients of the business/organisation.

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