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How do you remove the O faucet?

How do you remove the O faucet? Want to take the water mouth filter to take down to ponder a long time don't know how to break down, do not want to break the periphery, the help how to tear open water mouth?


There should be two gaps on the edge of the plastic overthought network and it will get up when the scissors are stuck counterclockwise
The manufacturer is installed this way: they have a special installation tool, which is also a pliers, which is attached to the pincers with 502 glue and two rubber pieces. This special pair of pliers is placed on the mouth of the water, not causing damage to the surface, and the rubber block has a lot of friction to turn the nozzle out! If do not out of such tools, there is also a method, is to use ordinary pliers to water mouth turned out, to replace the whole mouth water, I look at your leading style, water mouth should be M22X1 tooth in the sort of, go to the hardware store also sells!
Twist the hand directly, increase the friction, screw up the one that sells the bubble, the wire

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