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How do you tune a tremolo bridge system?

I have an Ibanez RG series guitar with an EDGE 3 tremolo system (similar to the floyd rose)I have a few problems tuning itFor one thing, the locking nut hardware doesn't seem to fit any hex wrench perfectly and it strips the screws.My main problem is that I can' seem to tune it without an already tuned string going out of tune again.Are there any techniques or visual guides / or videos online that show you how to PROPERLY tune such a guitar? Any advice is welcome!


Joe: First of all.take it in to a music store and see if they have the right size hex wrench! Now.make sure that the fine tuners at the base of your whammy system are looseDon't lock the nut down eitherNow, tune your guitar normally.using the machine heads.make sure that the strings are stretched pretty good.you may have to tune it a few times with an electric tuner.NOW lock down the nut.make sure that it's good tightIf this throws things out of tune.don't worry.now use the fine tuners at the base to get it back in tune.now it should stay in tune.even if you whammy it all the way down! God luck

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