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How do you wire two electricle recepticles together?

I have a duplex box and want to put two recepticles in it. Each have two connector post on each side. How do I wire this.


Take the black wire that is coming in to the box and pig tail 2 short pieces of wire (keep the wires the same color throughout as in use black wires to connect to black wires and white wires... )to it using a wire nut. Do the same to the white wire. For the green wire you will need to do the same if it is a plastic box or add 3 wires if it is a metal box. For the black connect 1 each of the pig tails to the brass screw for each receptacle. For the white do the same except go to the silver screws. For the ground 1 wire goes to the green screw on each receptacle and if required 1 goes to the box itself.
Sep 26, 2017
Just wire in jumpers from the existing outlet, white wire to the silver screws, black wire to the gold screws, and unshielded wire to the green ground screw . Be sure to kill the power before you start.
Sep 26, 2017
If it is just a normal receptacle, you should have two silver screws on one side, that is the neutral side. there will be two gold screws on the hot side. hook your white jumper wire to the silver screw and your black to the gold. re peat that on the other end with your other receptacle. of course turn the power off first.
Sep 26, 2017

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