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How does the beginning of this story sound?

I wrote this without stoppingIt just randomly popped into my headI'm 13.I woke up in a fieldI could tell by the tall, burned grass that surrounded by bodyIt stretched far above my head, enveloping me from plain sightFor a few moments, I closed my eyes and focused on the comforting sound of a flock of birds chirping somewhere nearbyI opened them again and craned my head upI could make out a tangerine colored sunsetDark clouds lingered over a forest of trees in the distanceMy head hurt like crazy“What the hell?” I mumbledI stared down at myselfMy skin looked pale and fadedLight freckles were sprinkled across my scrawny arms and legsI wore clothes that I didn’t recognizeI was lying in the middle of a field that I certainly didn’t recognizeInstinctively, I stood upMy headed pounded, causing me to lose my balanceI lay back down in the tall grassWhere am I? Why do I feel so weak? I think I’ll go back to sleep nowHopefully when I wake up things will make sense.


This is a good beginning! I am writing two books at the moment, one of which is someone who had his memory wiped outIt is a bit cliche thoughAnd I also agree with one of the other comments that it sounds weird when you just look down at yourself for no reason even if your character suffers from amnesiaLike I did to mine, you could incorporate the description of your character somewhere elseLike a reflection in the water or in a mirrorI would also focus more on descriptionBut overall, a very good start! Keep it going! It's always hard to keep the inspiration going, I know that very well, so what you are doing is great!

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