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How is the carpet sewn?

The carpet shall be cut, bonded and spliced into a whole piece, which shall be directly paved on the ground without bonding with the ground, and the surrounding shall be trimmed along the corner of the wall. This method is suitable for carpets that often have to be rolled up or the floor of rooms with unusual and heavy loads. Fixed type: cut the carpet, bond and sew it into one piece, and fix it around the floor of the room. Two methods can be adopted: one method is to stick the four sides of the carpet surface with the ground with adhesive or double-sided adhesive tape; On the other hand, we set up wooden card strips with upward nails on the ground around the room, and set the back of the carpet on the small nails with the wooden card strips facing upward.


Method of carpet joint: 1. Cleaning of base course 2. Cut the carpet 3. Nail barb board 4. Carpet cushion 5. Seam 6. Zhang Ping 7. Fixed carpet 8. Edging 9. Repair carpet surface After these nine steps, the carpet pavement is basically completed.
The operation sequence (1) is connected to the size of the room carpet. The length of each section of carpet shall be about 5cm longer than the length of the room. The width shall be calculated according to the size of the edge buckle of the carpet, and the carpet shall be trial paved and positioned. When cutting the carpet material, the wool weaving direction of the interface carpet shall be consistent to avoid the generation of male and female surfaces. (2) Lay the cut carpet on the ground, fix one side first, then tighten the carpet with a tensioner, and then sew with the above stitching method. In the process of carpet laying, attention should be paid to make the wool weaving direction of the carpet consistent with the main light irradiation direction, so as to reduce the adverse effect of leaving anti wool marks on the carpet when walking, resulting in messy marks irradiated by the light. (3) After the carpet is trimmed by the wall knife, the carpet can be fixed by driving the carpet into the upward nail of the wooden card strip with a flat shovel. Finally, seal it with a pressure strip, and clean the dust on the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.
Two methods of carpet stitching (1) connect the bottom of two carpets with needle and thread. (2) The glue on the adhesive paper can be melted and pasted only after heating. You can melt the glue with an iron and put it on. When pasting, the adhesive tape is placed at the joint of the carpet. As soon as you take an iron to melt the adhesive on the paper, the other person presses the carpet on the freshly melted adhesive tape.

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