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How many oxygen atoms are in 1.40 g of quartz?

I know we have to convert from GramsA - molesA - molesB - gramsB. I am getting lost somewhere.


The colour of smokey quartz in nature is caused by the effect of background radiation from the surrounding rocks. The system of colour production is complex and involves the removal of an electron from a normally occupied site. This colouration can be induced into clear quartz by bombardment in a Cobalt 60 gamma-irradiation unit. It will turn a deep smokey colour in about half an hour and reach maximum colour in less than a day. This type of smokey colouration is sensitive to heat and heat treatment is often used to modify the basic colour to other lighter shades.
Smoky quartz gets its smokey appearance from the element thorium which is enhanced during the formation of the crystal.
I do believe it could be both. I don't think it's that hard to 'enhance' the colour of quartz, as it is a common mineral. So I think it depends. Hope I'm right =)

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