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how many places have you had sex at? other than in a bedroom?

other than in my bedroom, i've had it -at school - in the bathroom, in empty classrooms, behind the bleachers, in the locker room, and on the football fieldnever caught once at school.-on the bus-at the park-at the beach-in the treehouse in the back yard-in the living room-at the public library-in the pooland in the carall with one guyI just wonder if anyone can match me.


public library ? woaaaaaaaaah ! I'd like to hear about that ! i did it at my girlfriends family's easter dinner once, there we were in her parents bed.they are down there holding a mini mass and when they were saying praise god , she was yelling oooh ooh good oooh god! so some of them were overjoyed that she caught onto the mass started mimicking her they didn't know we were having sex lol one night we snuck up to the balcony at the movie theater and had sex the whole time on and off -a hot tub - hotel room balcony - in the bathroom at christmas - under a blanket during a regular sitting of a movie -under a table at a restaurant a table they marked closed -in my girlfriends bed while her parents were downstairs - airplane .everyone was sleeping, my girlfriend grabbed a blanket , reclined the seat , covered us up and wow no one hears you while an airplane is moving - on the beach one night -in a dressing room at sears she tried on negligee and woah lol - my brothers house .they were suppose to be on vacation and they came back they went to bed , they didnt hear us lol - front lawn ant 3 am -during a car wash had a quickie - rock concert - elevator , when they fixed it my girlfriend kicked the emergency button with her boot- car -museum - ups delivery truck there was a bed , she was with me couldnt find the address lol - park - broom closet at best buy lol - theater parking lot after watching a sexy raunchy movie , in the grass behind the theater- the planetarium was awesome when we would go oooh or oooh oohh they guy would go wait that's not the best yet ! lol we were hiding lol I'd still like to hear how you got away with it in a library wow

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