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How much does an average pool cost?

I'm doing a landscape assignment that includes a pool and i need to know a cheap price for a pool, preferabley under ground and around the size of 4x8m? And also the site where you got the info from, thankyou!


you will get the answer from google
You've got a number of variables to contend with here. 1/ Is this a vinyl liner pool? A gunite pool? or a Fiberglass pool? All have differing costs for the same size pool. 2/ Cost of labor and materials in the area the project is to be done. This differs. 3/ Ease of access into the backyard for excavation equipment etc. If you have to rent a crane to lift an excavator over a house because there's no other way in for example...that adds a lot to the base price. 4/ That dirt from the excavation has to go somewhere. Often it costs to dump it even in clean fill areas. If that dirt contains anything else like construction debris in a sub division that was backfilled in ( common practice) it'll cost more to dispose of. You'd be surprised what's under people's back yards in subdivisions. This is why pool builders come out to do a site survey first before they give an estimate. Every backyard is different. I can only give you two guesstimates. One based on a vinyl inground and one based on a gunite in the Toronto area.The backyard being easily accessible. Vinyl: 20-27 grand. The price will vary with installed equipment. Things like a salt generator will add 1200 bucks to the base price. A DE filter costs more than a sand filter etc.... Gunite: Starts at around 30 grand. What I suggest you do is to look at websites for pool companies local to you that give base prices for their kit packages for vinyl or fiberglass pools. You won't find anything like this for gunite pools because they are all hand crafted from the bottom up and no two are identical. With the vinyl or fiberglass pools you can work out typical labor costs since most companies will advertise how quickly they can install them and a pool crew usually averages 4-6 guys. Failing that...give a pool company a call and ask for their best guess over the phone, letting them know the particulars of this imaginary back yard. Ease of access etc.

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