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how much dose it cost to get a car lifted?

my son has an 2000 impala ls and he has these huge 26 inch rims so to his suprise like i told him he will have to get his car lifted and he dident want to listen so he spent all his money on these rims and dosent have anymoney for a lift like i told him so since i have a little bit of money on the side i thought for his birthday in a couple weeks i will take his car without him knowing and get a lift put on for him without him knowing but i need to know wat inch lift kit will i need? and how much will the lift kit cost? and how much will a shop cost me to get it lifted? and will it be cheeper if i buy the kit and they jus put it on?


there is no specific kit it will be custom.it may cost between 500- 1000
if its a suspension lift 1000+ if a body lift 200-600 if you can adapt one from a truck.

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