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How much electrical water heater does one use?

How much electrical water heater does one use?


50 litres is enough. In winter, just one person takes a bath, but the water must be heated to automatic power off. In summer, you can take a bath for about 15 minutes
The following is calculated on a regular basis:1, 1 people use suitable 40~50L capacity of water heater.2, 2 people use suitable 50~60L capacity of water heater.3, 3 families suitable for the use of 80 ~ 100L capacity of water heaters.Note: if you are accustomed to taking a bath with a bathtub, it is better to choose a water heater over 150L.
Each person with different water habits, 1 people are appropriate to use 40~50L capacity of water heaters.A water heater that uses electricity as an energy source is usually called an electric water heater. The utility model is one of the three large water heaters juxtaposed with a gas water heater and a solar water heater. Electric water heater according to heating power size can be divided into water storage (also known as displacement or heat storage type), namely, hot, fast heating (also known as semi water storage type) three.

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