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How much fiber should you consume daily?

Also, what foods are high in fiber? I'm asking because I've read a wide range of answers on websites - anywhere from gt;10g to 70g daily, each source saying the other is wrongSo I'd like to see what people think :)


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The answers that you found probably vary so much, because there is no actual correct answerI would go towards the high end myselfI don't gauge how much fiber I eat, but I do intentionally eat foods that are high in fiber You definitely can't go wrong with apples (with the skin), they are a negative calorie food and eating 1 per day, will make a significant difference in keeping your GI tract working properlyI like raisins, granola, prunes (just a few at a time), broccoli, and something that I use everyday that is good for overall health and good fiber content is brewers yeast There are many more things to use, such as the fiber bars that are out there, but it is quite easy to get enough fiber without buying thoseThey aren't as healthy as some might thinkHope this helps.

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