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How much money would a teenage mother have to spend?

Hi everyone I'm doing a project on teenage pregnancy, Well I was just wondering if you could help me with some facts on how much money would a teenage mother have to spend on her baby, the clothes, toys, food, school? Would she still be able to afford to stay in school? What would happen if her bf left her and her family wouldn't support her? Well my project is pretty much all about the money a teenage mother has to spen so links and web sites or just some very good facts would help alot.


it is very tough to tell. Before the lightning strikes, a series of negatively charged leaders, which are a negative charge that turns the air into plasma, make their way toward the ground. If the negative charge is powerful enough, the positive streamers may begin to reach up from the ground, specifically any high points, toward the leaders. This is what will make your hair stand on end. However, this only lasts for a few hundred milliseconds. Once a leader reaches ground or a streamer, then connection is made, and the lightning strikes. It is generally impossible to tell if and where lightning will strike, because there are many leaders coming down all at the same time, and the lightning strikes wherever the first leader makes contact.
This will vary a little from one department to another. In structure fires the first alarm response will be 2 engine companies, 1 truck company and 1 batt. chief. On the second alarm there are 2 additional engine companies, 1 additional truck companies, 1 or 2 additional batt. chiefs, and 1 deputy chief., usually someone from the maintenance shop and the air wagon. Third alarm 2 more engines, no more chiefs or trucks, unless requested. Fourth through fifth will get 2 more engines on each alarm. This is basic to Dallas where I worked for 35 years. There is always a misunderstanding as to what alarms mean but there are more than one or two companies dispatched to a structural fire and extra alarms means that you are doubling the first response. In Dallas we have the resources to fight 3, 5 alarm fires at the same time, but most smaller cities can not handle more than one or two 2 alarm fires at the same time so departments have mutual assistance agreements so companies from other cities either help them fight the fire, or man their stations in case another emergency happens while the entire department is at a major emergency.

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