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How much weight will I lose in a month?

I'm 25, 5 foot 7 and weigh now 135lbsI'm going away on holiday in a month and want to lose as much weight as I can but also do it in a healthy way so that it stays off.I am following weight watchers as it has worked really well for me in the past and teaches me how to eat rightSo, if I follow it very strictly for the next month, with no slip ups, how much weight can I expect to lose?My goal weight is 120lbs but I'm not expecting to reach it in just a month.


If you follow weight watchers and add in exercise, you could lose 8 pounds in a healthy wayAdd in exercise whenever you can; you don't have to visit a gymWalk to destinations that are within a few blocks of your houseClimb the stairs instead of using an elevatorWalk around the block during your lunch breakAnd enjoy your vacation, but try not to add it all back on while you're away! ;)

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