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How should I separate different recyclable materials?

I want to start recycling but I don't quite know how, so I will tell you what I do know about recyclingAll the bread bags my family uses are LDPE, plastic gallon milk containers and Kroger plastic bags are HDPE, cardboard and paper can be recycled together, some of our plastic water bottles are PETE, and the soda cans my family uses are aluminum and we use aluminum foil that sometimes doesn't get soiled by foodSo what are the other groups and how can I recycle all these thingI am only thirteen so I cant really get my parents to drive to the special dump every week


ya u would be getting scammed because 3k that must have allot of problems
my trash collector(the garbageman) has special trucks that do that already You have a trashbin for garbage, one for recyclables and one for yard waste and all you do is put the group of stuff(say all recycleables) into the same bin Every second week it is picked up and dumped into his dump truck Then it is taken to a processing plant where people sort the stuff out as it is dumped on a conveyor belt glass bottles, tin cans, newspapers, plastic drink bottles The other stuff is going to be wood, window glass,greasy or waxed paper (trash) ; or stuff that grows in the garden or yard which is in the yard waste bin They collect that bin every other second week Trash is collected every week Other special items, like paint, car batteries, metal pipe, old motor oil.you have to take to the hazardous waste disposal sites yourself Been going for 10+ years already.

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