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How tall is NASA's vertical assembly building?

.you know, where they assemble the shuttle?


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It's the Vehicle Assembly Building The VAB covers 3.25 hectares (8 acres)It is 160 meters (525 ft) tall, 218 meters (716 ft) long and 158 meters (518 ft) wideIt encloses 3,664,883 cubic meters (129,428,000 cubic feet) of spaceFlag Bicentennial Emblem: Added in 1976, required 6,000 gallons of paintThe flag is 64 x 33.5 meters (209 x 110 ft) in sizeEach strip on the flag is as big as the tour buses used to transport visitors around KSC Steel: 89,421 metric tons (98,590 tons) Concrete: 49,696 cubic meters (65,000 cubic yards) Piling: 4,225 open-end steel pipe piles, 0.4 meters (16 inchs) in diameter were driven 49 meters (160 ft) into bedrockAir Conditioning: 9,070 metric tons (10,000 tons), 125 ventilatorsLifting Devices: 71 cranes; two 227 metric ton (250 ton) bridge cranesSiding: 100,800 sq meters (1,085,000 sq ft) insulated aluminum panels; 6,503 sq meters (70,000 sq ft) plastic panelsDoors: There are 4 High Bay doorsEach opening is 139 meters (456 ft) highThe north entry to the transfer aisle was widened 12.2 meters (40ft) to permit entry of the Orbiter, and slotted at the center to accommodate its vertical stabilizer.

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