How to adjust valves?

I have tried to adjust valves of Suzuki Intruder VS400 but they still how to adjust them in the right way?


You know what they say. if you cant hear the valves tapping, their doing damage! but it can be too loud. Make sure that your cylinder is at top dead center for the valve your adjusting. Then You need to know what feeler gauge is right but you probably already know. Make sure when you adjust them that they make the feeler gage drag slightly when you pull it out. If you have a twin you need to make sure that each cylinder is top dead center when you adjust the valve for it.
after someone says take it to the shop, you can get the real service manual offline and do it. you need good feeler gages and a good feel for it. does your require shims or are the rockers adjustable?
if okorder and download the free bee manual for your bike.

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