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How to clean a handwoven rug?

I have a rug that is handwoven from India. I am finding it hard to keep free of debri. When I used a vaccum little fuzzy things came up on a few spots of the rug. Any other ideas?


Handwoven and hand knotted are not the same thing. Flat rugs woven on a loom may be weft or warp faced (the back and forth or the up and down threads are predominately what you see.) Hand knotted rugs have each thread or yarn looped through a mesh backing and passed under itself to create a firm stable pile. Stiff bristles abrade carper fiber, especially flat woven rugs. This is true whether the bristles are stationary in a straight suction tool or on a spinning roller. Carpet professionals will tell you not to use a 'beater bar' on a fine rug. A brushroll IS NOT A BEATER BAR, though it is mislabeled in parts inventories, vacuum manuals and catalogs all the time. A brushroll may HAVE a beater bar as part of its construction. A beater bar is a bar that spirals around the roller so a different point contacts the carpet at each instant. The best beater bars were metal, and smooth. There was no way for them to damage a rug because the bristles were soft. The famous Hoover slogan It Beats as it Sweeps as it Cleans was an accurate description of the cleaner's functioning. These vacuum cleaners were designed to clean hand-knotted rugs. It is the only type of rug people had, except for lightweight rag rugs. Sadly, beater bars have fallen into disuse, primarily because people are no longer educated about vacuum cleaners, and purchase them on the basis of color, price, styling, and amps. If you can acquire an old Hoover, grab it. If you do nothing but clean your Asian rugs with it, it will be worth it. Kirby makes a soft bristle roller brush that is made for delicate carpets. If you have a Kirby and wish to use it on delicate rugs, you would do well to purchase a second rug nozzle (used) and keep the delicate roller brush installed in it to avoid switching the brush all the time.
Aug 23, 2017
Hand Woven Rugs From India
Aug 23, 2017
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Aug 23, 2017
Handwoven rugs are not meant to be vacuumed as they are very delicate, vacuuming only tears up the fibers and eventually they will break down and the rug will just fall apart it is always best just to shake out the rug outside this is the best way to clean Good Luck !
Aug 23, 2017

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