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How to clean an area rug?

I have an area rug that my poodle urinates on when she's mad at me. Long story short she did it again while I was out and I didn't find it until it was dry and smelling up my apartment. Does anyone have tips on how to clean the rug myself without renting a shampooer and maybe how to deodorize the rug. I've tried fabreese and the baking soda stuff you leave on the carpet and vacuum up later. they didn't seem to work before so If anyone has anything else to suggest I'd be most grateful.Thanks


Baking soda is a good one which you've already used. Mix baking soda and ammonia together and hot water. Put a few heavy towels or something absorbent under where your poodle urinates and just pour the solution onto the urine places and allow it to sit on those spots a good while to soak through it. Pull the heavy towels you had under it and put them into your washing machine. Grab more dry towels and put them under the spots again. Now pour white vinegar and hot water over the same spots and allow that to soak through again. Grab those towels and wash them too. It should have cleaned the area rug as much as possible this way. A lot of work but worth saving your area rug and getting the oder out. I bought a small green spot bot steam cleaner and use it on spots and the suction for pulling out solution works great for these jobs. You might have a lot of use for one these machines around your apartment. Best of Luck to you.
Aug 23, 2017
Tie a rope around 2 trees in the back yard, or 2 posts on the front porch, drape the area rug over the rope. Now your ready to beat the rug with your broom.
Aug 23, 2017
When we have an area rug that needs cleaning we take it up to our local self service car wash. The high powered washers work really well cleaning and rinsing the rugs. We usually just hang them over the clothes line to let them drip dry and they look like new.
Aug 23, 2017
once its dry its a lot harder to clean, sometime however you can trick the stain. Using your steam iron, steam the spot where the dog peed, don't put the iron on the carpet it can melt/burn it, just let the steam soak into the stain for a couple minutes. Then clean it as though it were still wet
Aug 23, 2017

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